How to implement sustainable manufacturing at any scale with experts from Personalise Make Wear

by Debbie McKeegan | 15/05/2024
How to implement sustainable manufacturing at any scale with experts from Personalise Make Wear

Held at the recent FESPA Global Print Expo in Amsterdam, the "Personalise Make Wear" feature showcased a live custom-built, end-to-end Smart Factory that manufactured customised, personalised sportswear on-demand. The feature signposted the future of manufacturing as the industry shifts to sustainable, environmental production.

During the show exhibitors and industry experts worked side-by-side to explore and demonstrate the disruptive, transformative technologies now available for digital manufacture. Hosted by FESPA Textile Ambassador, Debbie McKeegan visitors were able to join and experience expert tours and live demonstrations from the many industry experts and application specialists on-site for the duration of the show.

Each day specialists gathered at 13:00pm for a Fire-side chat. The excepts below detail the 2nd of 4 conversations hosted by Debbie McKeegan with PMW partners, special guests and exhibitors in residence.

The insightful discussion explored the questions: How to implement Sustainable Manufacturing at any Scale? How do print businesses address sustainability? How do you retain profit at any volume?

The talk explores the implementation of sustainable manufacturing in the textile industry. Our expert panel discuss, and dive deep into various technologies and innovations that contribute to sustainability, such as sublimation and pigment transfer paper, laser cutting, and digital printing. They emphasise the importance of considering the entire supply chain and the need for customisation and on-demand manufacturing.

In conversation the panel also touches on the role of legislation and regulation in accelerating the adoption of digital technologies and promoting sustainability. Overall, the participants highlight the opportunities and challenges in achieving sustainable practices in the textile industry.
You can listen to the 31:00 min audio podcast here

Special guests:
Sharon Donovich - Marketing Director, Global events and Customer success at Kornit Digital
Federica Valante - Marketing Manager - Coldenhove
Marco Cappoferri - Head of Product & Business Development presso SEI Laser
Johan Schenke – Area Sales Manager at Klieverik

Highlighting Digital Technologies for Personalisation and Customisation

A pivotal point in the discussion was the role of digital technologies in personalisation and customisation in manufacturing. Technological innovation has become indispensable for businesses to adapt to market trends and investment - essential if they are to remain at the forefront of the textile industry.

Exploring New Technologies

The conversation delved into the introduction of new innovations within the industry such as the latest developments for sublimation transfer paper and pigment transfer paper, instrumental for personalised garment printing across multiple fabric types. Beyond their functional advantages, collectively - these technologies also stand out for their commitment to sustainability— Examples explored were: On-demand direct to garment printing, transfer printing – and reducing paper weight, promoting material recycling and utilising energy-efficient processes.

Legislation and the Application of Digital Technologies

The industry leaders also discussed the importance of legislation in accelerating digital technologies application in supply chains. It underlined the need for businesses to understand their customers, adopt sustainable practices and give due consideration to critical factors like energy consumption, transportation, and waste management.

The Future of Manufacturing

Concluding the insightful conversation, Debbie McKeegan and the panel of experts applauded the industry’s shift towards sustainable manufacturing practices. They emphasised that achieving sustainability and profitability in manufacturing relies heavily on technological advancements, understanding customer demand, regulatory changes and innovative collaborations.

In summary, the conversation at the FESPA event painted a promising picture of the future of manufacturing that is sustainable, agile, and profitable. It encouraged the industry to continue embracing innovation and to keep the customers at the heart of every decision.

FESPA Global Print Expo,  Europe's leading print and signage exhibition will return from 6 – 9 May 2025 in Berlin, Germany. Register your interest to visit here.

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