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FESPA Trend Event 2023 - brings community together to look to the future

by Kelley-Ann Young Kong | 15/01/2024
FESPA Trend Event 2023 - brings community together to look to the future

During December 2023, located at the AFAS Theater in Leusden in the Netherlands the FESPA Netherlands Association organised the FESPA Trend Event 2023 that featured approximately 200 professionals from the sign and print industry for the FESPA TREND Event 2024.

The event focused on the theme 'Work' and offered attendees the opportunity to network and discuss the challenges currently facing the industry.

Before the event, FESPA Netherlands hosted a general members meeting.  The Trend event began in the afternoon and was open to non-members. Attendees were split into 3 different groups who participated in various breakout sessions.

Speed Networking

Attendees were encouraged to partake in 'Meet & Pitch' sessions which consisted of speed networking for all the entrepreneurs. These networking sessions took pace at standing tables with each session lasting 3 minutes. This offered attendees a relaxed environment to network, meet new contacts and reconvene with existing ones. 

Caption: Kjell Lutz was host and moderator


Kjell Lutz was the host and moderator for the day and during the ‘Hackathon’ sessions attendees were encouraged to discuss any challenges that were experiencing in the industry. In pairs, all attendees attempted to create an appropriate solution for each challenge after which they presented their solutions to the entire group. This offered an innovative way for attendees to create solutions to their problems.

Effective to communicate

During the third session, focused on ' Communication with DISC' where the participants are shown how the DISC method works . This method devises and consists of 4 different human behavioural types which is dependent on a person’s communication style.

Caption: Theater makers of Dare and Doing left see how the DISC method works

FESPA Global Print Expo 2024

Chairman Wouter van As and Michael Ryan, Head of Global Business Development and Global Print Expo at FESPA opened and the evening. Michael Ryan shared what visitors to FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 could expect. The exhibition returns to Amsterdam from 19th – 22nd March 2024.

Caption: Wouter van As

In addition, there will be 3 other co-located exhibition at the same venue which include European Sign Expo, Europe’s leading signage and visual communications exhibition, Personalisation Experience, focused on the latest developments in personalisation and Sportswear Pro, FESPA’s new exhibition that will showcase the very latest technologies and solutions for on-demand and customised sportswear production. Features include Club FESPA lounge for members, Sustainability Spotlight and the World Wrap Masters Europe and Final 2024.

Digital Mindset

Marelle van Beerschoten is the Founder and Director of Digital Shapers. In her session she discussed the world of AI, innovation, data and digital transformation . Marelle discussed how businesses can take advantage of AI by incorporating it into their business operations.

Caption: Speaker Marelle van Beerschoten discussing the current trends in digitalization

Van Beerschoten discussed the huge potential of digitalisation which include designing signage for games, 3D digital signage and AI- driven billboards. In addition, personalisation can also be used when applying printed wallpaper and textiles.

Van Beerschoten comments “We are leaving billions of euros behind because we don't know how we use the right technology. A successful digital transformation is only 10% dependent on data, 20% is dependent on technology and no less than 70% is dependent on processes, people, culture, and skills.”

She continues to state “Employees of all ages including both young and older employees who have knowledge and experience are essential in determine where AI can be used. How can AI help these employees?” She ended her presentation with a quote from politician Robbert Dijkgraaf: “Curiosity and imagination are our superpowers”,

The difference between Boomers and Generation Z

The last speaker of the evening was Jos Ahlers. Ahlers is a psychologist who has conducted extensive research on negative human behaviour. Ahlers discussed the differences between different generations including Baby boomers , generations X, Y (Millennials), Z and Alpha. Each generation has different value and views on topics such as money he states that Baby boomers are concerned with financial status, for Generation X it is about safety, for Y it is about comfort and for Z it is about freedom.

Caption: Jos Ahlers speaks to the audience.

Ahlers comments: “A lot of businesses currently employee people across all 4 generations under one roof at work. They all different values, working attitudes and communication styles.” In his presentation he discussed in more detail about Generation Z, who are now entering the labour markets.

The FESPA TREND event 2024 concluded successfully where all attendees made new connections and received new marketing trends and insights. The next FESPA TREND Event will take place on 9th December 2024. For more information please visit here.

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