FESPA introduces “Coffee Break” webinars

by FESPA | 29/09/2020
FESPA introduces “Coffee Break” webinars

Graeme Richardson-Locke introduces FESPA Coffee Break, webinars that will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge, opinions and will answer questions on how speciality printers can get better, faster.

The majority of speciality printers are working hard to build their order books and any commercial advantage is welcome, although the time to achieve these improvements is in short supply.

Anyone who knows speciality print understands that there is a world of difference between a Retail POP printer and a fashion textile producer. However, they do share common ground regarding the importance of achieving better process control, improved efficiency and addressing sustainability.

These businesses may utilise different kit and software focussed on their specific product mix, but they all need to manage their processes to deliver accurate and repeatable colour. All sectors are engaged in identifying how to improve the sustainability of their products. Everyone is keen to build workflows that are streamlined and want to offer new routes to market that have fewer touchpoints.

Print product buyers need straightforward ordering processes at competitive rates with quality built in, anything falling short of this is a recipe for lost profit and reprints, neither of which are sustainable.    

Fortunately, FESPA with its global network of 37 member associations gains continual insight during a period of unprecedented challenges. The regular meetings between FESPA, its member associations and the suppliers serving the global community has highlighted the need to offer support in new formats.

FESPA Coffee Break provides face to face panel discussions with industry experts via webinars and will focus on key, current topics such as production automation, quality assurance and sustainability. These key topics will offer a quick guide to a reliable printing environment that responds in today’s fast paced supply chains. With such a diverse range of printed applications it can be a real challenge to find your way to the right solution and this is where FESPA can speed up the process.

The webinars will take place once every two weeks and will be hosted by FESPA’s Technical Support Manager, Graeme Richardson-Locke. Graeme will be joined by experienced industry experts and supplier panellists who will guide you through each topic. Each webinar will last approximately 30-40 minutes, so make sure you take advantage of these quick sessions where you will have the chance to ask questions relating to your business situation at the end of each webinar. 

First FESPA Coffee Break

The date of the first webinar will be Tuesday, 20th October 2020 at 11.00am BST (GMT+1), with registration going live soon. In FESPA’s first Coffee Break we will cover Process Control - how to set up effective colour workflows to save money! Saving money comes from planning and implementing colour workflows that ensure predictable results for any media at any time. We’ll touch on the essential tools required for inkjet printing, from PDF-X files, display screens, colour management in Adobe, standardised viewing conditions and measuring colour for media profiling that allow you to guarantee results so that your colour workflow meets your customer needs.

In this discussion we’re pleased to have the support of Toby Burnett, Director EMEA & Americas at PrintFactory the print workflow software developer and Paul Sherfield, owner of The Missing Horse Consultancy who specialise in setting up digital workflows in the Printing and Pre-Media industries.  

Areas that will be covered will include how to improve your process controlled workflow, how to improve customer files, screen, desktop software and print viewing conditions, colour management in DFE digital front end/RIP) and the importance of device profiles and print quality assessment and validation.

The second and third FESPA Coffee Breaks will cover

  1. Looking ahead and building a more sustainable business. How a sustainability audit of your business will reveal opportunities to save energy, balance your Carbon and attract new customers! 

    Expert – Clare Taylor, MSc CEnv MIEMA FRSA from Clare Taylor Consulting

     Supplier – Chris Green, Head of Marketing, Purchasing & Hardware – Visual       Communications Channel, Antalis.
3. What are the benefits of Software automation, what new skills are required?
Switch or Pitstop Pro?

Expert – TBA
Supplier - TBA


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