FESPA Eurasia Wrap Master Champion crowned in Istanbul

by FESPA | 14/01/2016
FESPA Eurasia Wrap Master Champion crowned in Istanbul

Ivaylo Dukov of Full Wrap has been crowned 2015 winner of the Eurasian round of the Wrap Masters Series which took place during FESPA Eurasia in December.

Fueled by a growing demand for car wrapping throughout the region, this was the first time that the World Wrap Masters Series was held in Istanbul during a busy and action packed FESPA Eurasia 2015, from 10-13 December 2015.

With sponsorship from Mimaki Europe, Arlon Graphics, Deniz Reklam and CWT, the competition was led by the global wrapping judge, Ole Solskin from Suntint A/S, Denmark.

After a full day of onsite training, the competition commenced on day two of the  show, challenging competitors on the quality, speed, technique and creativity of their wrapping skills.  Finalists battled through several rounds for the title of FESPA Wrap Cup Masters Eurasia 2015.

Given the international draw of FESPA Eurasia, the qualifying finalists represented three different countries: Yusuf Gurkan from Turkey, Cosmis Stan from Romania, and Ivaylo Dukov from Bulgaria.

After a tense and challenging contest, Dukov was crowned the Eurasia Wrap Masters champion and highlighted that the experience of participating in such a global competition had exceeded his expectations:

“The Eurasia World Wrap Masters has been an exciting challenge to take part in, and has given me the opportunity to show my level of professional skills.”

“During the competition I was very nervous and stressed. I actually hadn't told my family that I was taking part in the competition. It was quite a shock for everyone when they found out that I had participated and was named Eurasia Wrap Master.”

“One of the things I liked most was meeting other professional applicators from different countries and observe their own methods and work styles. I’ve even picked a few tricks and different techniques from them. These new friendships will be very valuable as we will be able to exchange our professional experiences and hopefully work on a project together in future.”

“To all my colleagues around the world I would say that if you don't try you'll never win. This win has brought me a lot of joy and new opportunities to develop professionally.”

The win guarantees the victorious Bulgarian a place at the grand world final, which will be held during FESPA Digital 2016, March 8 - 11 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After the final he spoke about his expectations:

“I won’t miss the opportunity to take part in the World Wrap Masters and meet this great challenge. I’ll research about wrapping abroad and do all my best for a spot in the final.”


The World Wrap Masters Series is a series of global events designed to encourage, recognise and promote excellence in the vehicle wrapping community and to enable car wrappers around the world to hone their skills within a live competitive environment.

The adrenaline-fuelled competition will showcase the skill and creativity of vehicle wrappers at their best and illustrate how vehicle decoration can be an effective tool in the marketing mix.

If you're a vehicle wrapper, there’s still an opportunity to participate in the final qualifying round of the World Wrap Masters, which will be held at FESPA Digital 2016.  Qualifiers will then compete for the FESPA World Wrap Master title on Friday, 11th March 2016.

Register today to complete in the final round at FESPA 2016 World Wrap Masters. To find out more and to enter visit http://www.wrap-masters.com

For more information on FESPA Digital 2016, to register to attend and to join the free workshops visit: www.fespadigital.com. For free entry, use code ‘APOZ0101’.

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