Push yourself to improve, says World Wrap Master finalist

by Rob Fletcher | 27/06/2018
Push yourself to improve, says World Wrap Master finalist

Rob Fletcher talks to Jan Edelgaard, who finished third in the World Wrap Masters Finals 2018. Jan talks about the value of the competition and its ability to challenge even the best wrappers in the world.

Edelgaard has been involved in the sign-making market since 2003, working in a number of different roles at various firms including production manager, work leader and head of daily production.
Earlier this year, Edelgaard took a huge step forward in his career when, with his business partner Morten Bak-Fredslund, bought half of the company ‘Folie.dk’. The duo now runs the company together, dealing with wrapping, solar films, car advertisements and some elements of sign-making.
Folie.dk has been in business for around three years and Edelgaard, along with Bak-Fredslund, are keen to push the company to the next level under their joint leadership.
“My goals for the year are simple as I am a new business owner,” Edelgaard said. “I am going to make a healthy economic business, known for a high professional level and happy customers.
“Morten has been my coach, mate and champion through all my years in the sign-making industry and is now my business partner in Folie.dk.”

Last year, Edelgaard and Bak-Fredslund took part in the Demark Championship 2017 wrapping competition. Edelgaard won the contest, ahead of Bak-Fredslund in fourth place, triggering his participation in the FESPA World Wrap Masters.
At the competitive grand final at FESPA 2018 in Berlin, Germany, last month, Edelgaard was able to secure a podium finish, placing third behind second-placed Casper Madsen, also of Denmark, and overall winner Ivan Tenchev of Bulgaria.
Reflecting on his time in the 2018 FESPA World Wrap Masters Edelgaard has no hesitation in recommending the competition to other wrappers, saying the event offers them the chance to meet and work with professionals from around the world, as well as put their skills to the test against some of the industry’s most talented individuals.
“Others must participate in wrap competitions to challenge themselves and push the level even higher up, if possible,” Edelgaard said. 
“You can meet new wrap professionals from all over the world and learn new tricks and techniques. It's about pushing yourself every day to get better.”
Having revelled in FESPA World Wrap Masters glory for a number of weeks now, Edelgaard reveals that he is no stranger to the spotlight, having featured in the national news in his native Denmark with an innovative wrap project earlier this year.
Edelgaard started 2018 by working as part of a team that wrapped a Ferarri. The sportscar, featuring a wrap designed by Danish artist Mikael B, was taking part in a charity race in order to raise funds for vulnerable children and adolescents.
As a result, more than DKK1.5m (€201,300/$234,900/£177,200) was collected for charity.
Edelgaard said: “2018 has undoubtedly been the wildest year both for me and Folie.dk. We featured a lot in the Danish media and on television after we took part in the charity wrap on the Ferrari.”
To find out more about the FESPA World Wrap Masters, how to take part and where the 2019 series of events will take place, visit the competition’s official website: http://wrapmasters.fespa.com


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