European Sign Expo 2020 – Where Signage Comes Alive

by Rob Fletcher | 06/02/2020
European Sign Expo 2020 – Where Signage Comes Alive

With the European Sign Expo 2020 just around the corner, FESPA.com takes a look at what we can expect at this year’s event and picks out some of the main highlights for visitors and exhibitors.

The FESPA Global Print Expo is one of the most important dates on the European print calendar, with the event attracting visitors and exhibitors from all corners of the market. Inside the main FESPA exhibition sits the European Sign Expo, an event dedicated to non-printed signage and visual communications.
This year, the European Sign will run alongside the Global Print Expo 2020 from 24-27 March in Madrid, Spain, playing host to some of the leading innovators in sign-making. Visitors will be able to explore cutting-edge technological developments, as well as major international trends, new business opportunities and network with industry professionals.
With this in mind, FESPA.com catches up with some of the many exhibitors that will feature at the event to see what we can expect in Madrid this March.

Familiar faces and first-time exhibitors

In terms of picking out the key highlights at the European Sign Expo 2020, visitors will be spoilt for choice in the hall. The eighth edition of the event will feature exhibitors from a whole range of backgrounds, covering technologies such as illuminated displays, channel lettering, dimensional signage, engraving and etching, digital signage, display systems, out-of-home media, neon and LEDs, and sign tools.
Familiar names that have featured at previous editions of the European Sign Expo includes the likes of YelloTools, Vivalyte, Automatic Letter Bender, Cosign / LucoLED and Anylux, as well as sponsor EFKA.
In terms of first-time exhibitors, visitors can look forward to seeing what is on offer from LG Hausys, Modular Signs, Aiman GZ (distributor for Sanders Group), Rebond Composites, Ouplan-Fabricação e Com. de Máquinas Unip. Lda and Solutions Acrylic.
“The European Sign Expo is Europe’s leading international event for non-printed signage and visual communications offers visitors the chance to explore cutting-edge technological developments, international trends, the latest business opportunities and to network with industry professionals,” organisers said in a statement.
“With over 80 exhibitors and spread over four days, the event will connect signage solution providers and manufacturers with end-user customers and suppliers from all over Europe.”

Inspire and connect with innovation

As to who is exhibiting, one of the companies that will feature is Aluvision, which supplies high quality modular systems for the exhibit and event industry. Jan Dumont, chief operating officer at Aluvision, said it will use the European Sign Expo 2020 to showcase how it can inspire and connect partners on their creative journey to design and build modular environments.

Caption: Aluvision, which supplies high quality modular systems for the exhibit and event industry, will be in attendance at ESE 2020.
Dumont said: “We combine bold imagination with unmatched engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our well-known frame system with holes offers solutions for straight and curved walls, LED videowalls, hanging signs, displays and retail environments.
“The constant development of new products, updates of existing products, and setting new trends in the market is key to Aluvision. The market is evolving so quickly, and we are always looking for new products and new product designs to keep the creativity flowing.
“The European Sign Expo is Europe’s leading international event for signage and visual communication. For visitors, it’s a great event to explore new technologies, trends and opportunities, and for us as an exhibitor, it is a great opportunity to show our innovations and technologies to the market.”
With this in mind, Dumont revealed that Aluvision will be using the European Sign Expo 2020 to show off a number of new products to the market. Though Aluvision is keeping the details of these under wraps for the time being, Dumont offers one teaser in that its Hi-LED 55 tile will receive some significant updates.
Dumont added: “Our goals is to impress our visitors so that they go home after the fair with a complete new experience.”

Connecting with customers

Also set to feature at the European Sign Expo this year is Admiral Tapes, a UK-based manufacturer of technical double-sided self-adhesive tapes, designed to permanently bond different substrates together without the need for mechanical fixings. Pauline Boorman, sales director at Admiral, said that the show provides an excellent platform to meet existing customers, launch new products and welcome new distributors.

Caption: According to Admiral Tapes, its EDGE-Tex self-adhesive strip tape removes the need to sew and can be easily be applied by hand.
Boorman expanded: “Connecting with customers on a one to one basis has always been the best way to start a new business relationship and we are keen to increase activity in Europe as part of another successful FESPA.
“The Global Print Expo and the European Sign Expo are the key events for the industry sector; it’s an unrivalled opportunity to source exciting new products, keep abreast of technical developments and cement successful business relationships.”
As to what Admiral will be showcasing on Stand 5-A45 at the show this year, Boorman said that its focus will be new key products and also expanding its distributor network. Visitors will be able to see EDGE-It, a single0sided banner reinforcing tape that is already established in many countries. 
Boorman said: “Exceptionally strong and conformable, its key benefit is to speed up the production process and save costs. Simply print your banner, apply EDGE-It, tape to the back and eyelet though it. Ideal for use on PVC banner media and most MESH banners, EDGE-It is designed for long-term outdoor use.”
Also set to feature on the Admiral booth is EDGE-Tex Tape, which Boorman said has received significant interest in its first year. This self-adhesive strip is used to lock printed textiles into the channel of aluminium (LED, backlit and front-lit) frames to create a flat tensioned surface.
Boorman said: “EDGE-Tex removes the need to sew and is easily be applied by hand. It saves time and is so simple to use any member of the team can install printed graphics. It can be used to install a complete display or as part of a system that has self-gripping channels. 
“Our specially formulated adhesive system ingresses into a variety of different manufacturers’ fabric to provide a strong bond. Graphics can be inserted and exchanged into different frames so they can be used multiple times.”

High quality and innovative, products

Elsewhere at the European Sign Expo this year, LED technology specialist Lucoled will be meeting with visitors about their LED requirements. Based on Stand 5-A10, Lucoled will show off a number of new products, with the aim of demonstrating to those in attendance its ability to help with a wide range of applications.

Caption: Lucoled will launch a completely reengineered LED solution for accent lighting at ESE 2020.
Jurjen van der Honing, managing director of Lucoled, said: “Lucoled is not just another LED company; our mission is to provide high quality, innovative, products that fit the rapidly changing demands in the LED market.
“Our customers should only pay for performance and not excessive overheads that some companies charge. We have a full portfolio of all products that are needed in today’s visual communication market, ranging from LED modules to architectural accent lighting in pixel controllable RGB.”
At the European Sign Expo 2020, van der Honing said Lucoled will launch a completely reengineered LED solution for accent lighting in the form of Lucoline. This product is already being used by a number of oil companies and retail chains around the world in order to give an illuminated accent to their sites and buildings.
Van der Honing added: “FESPA and the European Sign Expo allows us to showcase new products to the market and to meet existing and new customers. We work with the largest distribution groups in Europe and have a network in 85 countries.
“People should visit the events in order to see what new products are available, as well as see the latest trends in the market. The two events also provide an excellent network opportunity with industry partners and even competitors.”
This represents a small selection of the many exhibitors that will feature at this year’s edition of the European Sign Expo, with the event shaping up to be another exciting gathering of the best and brightest from the world of non-printed signage.
The European Sign Expo 2020, taking place in Madrid, is Europe’s leading exhibition for non-printed signage and visual communications. Over 4 days visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest products and innovations on display from over 100 exhibitors. Register here and use promo code ESEH201 to register for free. 

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