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Driving innovation in vehicle wrapping

by Rob Fletcher | 04/10/2019
Driving innovation in vehicle wrapping

With competition for business in the vehicle wrapping market on the increase, Rob Fletcher finds out how you can gain an advantage and successfully speed ahead.

Vehicle wrapping is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and creative areas of the industry, with companies active in this market constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas in order to meet the challenging demands of their customers.
However, word of the amount of work on offer in this sector has spread fast and an increasing amount of companies are moving into this market in order to take advantage of this trend. This has in turn created much fiercer competition, with the need to stand out more important than ever. 
So how can you differentiate yourselves from the competition? takes a closer look at some of the tools available to help your business move into pole position in vehicle wrapping.

Increasing demand for customisation

Mimaki Europe is one of several major manufacturers championing the vehicle wrapping market, with senior product manager Bert Benckhuysen highlighting huge growth opportunities in this sector.
“Demand for vehicle wrapping is currently high and we expect it to remain high, or even increase, so it’s a market that will continue to offer printers many opportunities for growth in the future,” he said.
Benckhuysen puts this upward trend down to various factors. Firstly, he cites advances in digital printing technology, saying this has made it possible for wrapping to be delivered faster than ever, at the same time simplifying the production process and making it more affordable. 
Rising demand for customisation and mobile advertising is also driving interest in vehicle wrapping as an application, according to Benckhuysen. He said when you consider that alongside the unlimited creative possibilities enabled by digital printing, you can see how vehicle wrapping is an effective, appealing application for consumers and a profitable addition to a printer’s product portfolio.
“Companies should consider providing customisable car graphics and wraps,” he said. “With online design tools readily available and access to cutting-edge print technology that makes high-quality, customized graphics simple to produce, companies can make it much easier for their customers to create and order their own designs online.
“Some leasing companies are also starting to introduce discounted monthly fees if a car is fully wrapped, knowing that, upon return and once the wrap is removed, that car will look brand new. This is another opportunity for printers to cooperate with companies in the automotive industry and find new revenue streams.”

Caption: Mimaki Europe says its CJV300 Series advanced eco-solvent printer is ideal for producing high-quality and cost-effective vehicle wraps.

With this in mind, how can Mimaki help those companies looking to enhance their vehicle wrapping services? Benckhuysen wastes no time in recommending its range of advanced eco-solvent printers, such as the JV300 and CJV300 Series. He says these machines are ideal for producing high-quality, cost-effective vehicle wraps and other outdoor signage.
“These market-proven, easy-to-use printers offer the efficiency and productivity every company needs to achieve optimum results, he said. “On top of that, our eco-solvent inks ensure unparalleled outdoor durability and are GREENGUARD GOLD certified.”

Setting yourself apart from the competition

Looking elsewhere in this market and Avery Dennison has a whole range of materials on offer to those seeking to add vehicle wrapping to their service offering or enhance their current business. Esra Boro, product line marketing manager, wrapping and signage, at Avery Dennison said that the market for wraps of all kinds, including both printed and unprinted, is extremely busy.
Boro expanded: “An ever-expanding range of choices is part of the reason for this growth; new colours and material options are released all the time, and installers are seeing very healthy demand.
“All the signs are that consumers and businesses will increasingly consider wraps as a way to set their vehicles apart. For consumers, there are lots of examples on social media that show what is possible. For businesses, proper branding and strong messages are becoming an essential requirement, even for smaller operators.”
In terms of the market sectors that companies should be looking to target, Boro said they should open their arms to customers of all kinds. While in years gone by this market was mainly focused around premium cars, mainstream car owners are now also seeking to customise their vehicles with graphics and wraps.
Boro said: “There is also a growing market in additional options such as window tints and vehicle safety and protection films. Productivity improvements have also helped to drive growth; technologies such as Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS allow installers to work faster, see fewer problems and make sure customers are delighted.”

Caption: Avery Dennison cites its Supreme Wrapping Film as a popular option for more premium projects.

Building on this, Boro outlines some of the other solutions available from Avery Dennison in terms of vehicle wrapping, citing the Supreme Wrapping Film range as a very popular option for premium projects. Avery Dennison expanded this collection earlier in the year with the addition of six new colours, increasing the choices available to more than 120.
Also on offer is the cast quality Mactac ColourWrap Series range with 50 colours in gloss, gloss metallic, matt and matt metallic finishes, as well as the MPI 1105 Series for printed wraps, complete with a new and improved overlaminate.
Avery Dennison also offers a new Wrap Visualizer Tool, helping customers to see what popular vehicles would look like, as well as the new Wrapstock service, offering installers many inspiring ready-to-print designs.
Boro also noted that while wraps are primarily intended to make the vehicle look good, they also serve as a form of protection. Avery Dennison’s new Automotive Window Films and Pure Defense Series are testament to this, with a wide range of options available for protecting the vehicle.
The Supreme Protection Film XI (SPF-XI) is also now available, which ‘self heals’ at room temperature, and has up to 10 years of UV resistance.
In addition, the new Avery Dennison V-4000 & V-4000E beaded printable reflective films increase vehicle safety whilst highlighting brand messages and logos, at any time of day or night. According to Boro, these films offer “superb conversion, print and quick installation performance for long-term fleet branding, trucks and emergency vehicles”.

Test your skills against the world’s best

If you’ve got yourself set up with the rights machinery and materials, and you’re confident in your abilities as a vehicle wrapper, then you might want to consider taking this to the next level and putting yourself forward for the FESPA World Wrap Masters.
Sponsored by some of the leading international suppliers of vehicle wrapping kit, the competition is open to companies and wrappers around the world that are keen to showcase their skills on a regional and, potentially, global stage.
More than 200 wrappers take part in the contest each year, competing in their local regional event, with the top wrappers in each area then progressing forward to the grand final stage at the main FESPA Global Print Expo.
The overall winner will take away with them €2,500 in prize money, while the wrappers that finish second and third will win €1,250 and €750, respectively – with the top three each being presented with a trophy to commemorate their achievement.
If you fancy your chances this year, or like the sound of testing your skills against the most talented wrappers in the world, there are a number of regional events set to take place over the coming months. Next up is the Russian Wrap Masters Cup, which takes place in Moscow from October 21-24.

There is also the World Wrap Masters Eurasia from December 5-8 at IFM in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as the Brazilian Championship of Car Wrapping at FESPA Brasil from March 18-21.

The regional event series concludes with the World Wrap Masters Europe at the FESPA Global Print Expo in Madrid, Spain, from March 24-25, before the World Wrap Masters Series Final at the same event from March 26-27.
However, if you are keen to learn more about the art of vehicle wrapping before testing yourself against the best in the world, then 2020 FESPA Global Print Expo will play host to many of the leading brands in this sector, each keen to offer their help and advice on how to succeed in the market.
To find out more about, the FESPA World Wrap Masters, visit the official event website:

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