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Real world metrics for real world impact

Imagine sitting a maths exam where marks were awarded for how neatly you drew your graphs.


Leading virtual teams: 5 Simple tips to do it better

As a leader of a virtual team, there are distinct challenges, so we’ve come up with five tips to increase your chances of success.


New handbook helps SMEs best manage water use

Clean water is vital to life and one of our most precious resources, yet around 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have enough.


CRON reduces ink waste to almost nothing

Chinese developer of computer-to-plate (CtP) systems CRON has developed the EZcolor printing system that is says controls ink volumes and cuts ink waste.


Going for 100% renewable energy

Global corporations including HP and Ricoh are leading the way for industry to move from fossil fuels towards making 100% commitments to renewable energy.


Corrugated art: a celebration of versatility

Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century.


How green is your accreditation?

A glut of announcements recently by manufacturers claiming that their products are certified to international standards rings alarm bells.


Paper industry’s ‘outmoded’ deinking model

The work on ISO 21331, the ISO standard for assessing the deinkability potential of printed matter, is mired in industry politics. However, the market really doesn’t care a jot and is moving on regardless.


Waste and guilt

The paper industry has done a great job in teaching consumers that paper should not be thrown away, because it can be recycled.


Building the business case for a 'fun office'

Designing fun offices isn't about employer branding. Well-designed modern offices help staff maintain energy and improve mental wellbeing. But how?


Can you use post-exposure to improve the durability of stencils for screen printing?

It has been well documented that full exposure of any emulsion guarantees the best durability on press.


Creating the perfect print pitch

In a hugely competitive market what does it take to stand out from the crowd and secure business for your company? Matthew Parker is on hand to help you tailor your pitches and close the deal.


Printed electronics: A new world of opportunity

In this series of articles we're aiming to define the remits of printed electronics, functional printing and industrial printing, as well as identifying where they overlap with existing markets and where new opportunities lie.


Tips and Tricks from EFI’s Technology Specialists

Wide format digital printers want to improve profitability and process reliability, and to keep customers and business owners happy. Colour managed and automated digital workflows can help achieve all three and more. (Sponsored Content)


32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads and Prints.

A powerful advertisement campaign can play a major role to pass the message to the consumers and it has a drastic effect when created for greeting the consumers at times of special occasions. Halloween is no different Guys and Ghouls.


50 New Powerful Print Ads of 2013

50 of 2013's finest prints ads from powerful charity appeals, quirky car ads to visually inspiring masterpieces, no doubt 2013 has played host to some of the most incredible Print Ads of the decade.  Image copyrights remain with the original creators, so please credit them if you re-use - of link back to

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Advantages of dye sublimation printing and the influx of dye sub printing

The innovator analyzes the advantages of dye sublimation printing and the influx of dye sub printing into the soft signage UK market during the 2012 Olympic Games. 


Digital Dots - Durst Rho P10-200 wide format UV-curing printer testing

Durst Phototechnik AG has an enviable reputation as a high performance wide format digital printers. We examine their submission for our wide format UV-curing printer testing project.


Think you know about innovation in printing inks?

Developments in the print market mean that product innovation can be critical to business success. Upcoming trends in solvent inks, Phosphorescent inks, Fluorescent inks, and Thermochromic effects can help your products glow.


ANAR Foundation create a powerful High-Tech Lenticular Poster campaign

The Spanish ANAR Foundation and GREY Spain ad agency have come up with a new way of using lenticular printing in their new signage campaign to help reach out and protect kids.


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