32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads and Prints.

by FESPA | 31/10/2013
32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads and Prints.

A powerful advertisement campaign can play a major role to pass the message to the consumers and it has a drastic effect when created for greeting the consumers at times of special occasions. Halloween is no different Guys and Ghouls.

Like Frankienstien's monster, I have finally come to accept my place in my own blogs... I am...the ad man. Scary right? Perhaps not, but I do know the simply rules for a great ad, and SEASONAL ADS SHOULD NOT DIFFER. It isn't hard to make a seasonal ad, but it is hard to make a good one.

In this article, you will witness a simply set of rules and examples from prolific companies who promote their products & brands for the halloween season the right way. So let's start with some creative points for seasonal ad campaigns, to become successful ad campaigns;

It should be creative

It should be eye-catching

It has to create a memory between you, the brand and the product.

It has to tie in nicely with the season.

It hould make you want to buy the product.


Alcoholic beverages

I don't have to explain the connection between alcohol and Halloween do I? Nope...didn't think so. All the same, These kind of ads look at the individual. You. The drinker, their drink and the costume. Simple and very effective, as you will feel like it is communicating directly with you. It also scores bonus points for the creative teams behind these ads by helping you pick out your costume for Halloween. So while your standing at the bar, dressed exactly like the Heineken Wolf-man, you are more than likely going to be ordering your characters choice of beverage. A spooky tactic in getting into your head and memory, for a night, sterotypically filled with scary levels of drinking. Rememer drink responsibly, guys and ghouls.


Heineken Halloween Night Series

Dracula Heineken Halloween Night


wolfman Heineken Halloween Night


heineken-halloween-night-drinking the mummy






and finally from Heineken?... An absolut excellent way to bring a series together about a night out on the tiles.




Miller Lite


White Night Condoms.

For when things go bump in the night...

White Night Condoms


In my eyes, Guinness remains as one of the kings of creative advertising. Be it on television, billboards or magazine prints. Halloween is no different. Here is a short series of some of their ads from whiat must be a very creative team.




guinness reveal your dark side

guinness halloween 2011





Burger King

burger king



Pizza Hut

...I have no idea what can cost $86 at Pizza Hut, but guessing from the timing of the ad, I'm guessing this is a party pizza. A excellent way to advertise food. The product becoming the connection to the seasonal holiday. In this case a cheesy mask (Get it?...GET IT?... Sorry...that was terrible).

pizza hut Halloween



In my opinion, this has potential, and is a creative ad but feels a little lacklustre....I would have expected perhaps a tryptic or a larger series that would have been thousands of M&M's making a very detailed mural of a scene from a halloween movie of story. Perhaps a simple image might work, but I think for Halloween, it needed to be something a little more special to stand out and not seem just like another ad that just aims to sell the product. Remember, entertain your audience, and you will live forever in their minds.


best halloween ads 40mms-halloween-spider-small-17360

best halloween ads 43mms-halloween-pumpkin-small-38694



These guys always have seasonal ads done so creatively, and thoughtfully. From representing themselves and brand, their customers, and their competition in the right lights. If only the food was a good as the advertising.







Automotive ads

Usually have a wicked sense of humor. Taking in different influeneces from Halloween and use them to their advantage. All usually rotating around speed and looks, tying in closely to what most expensive cars look to provide from their cars to entice people.

STP (Motor-Oil Company) – Happy Halloween


Volkswagen Beetle – Trick or treat?

Volkswagen Beetle – Trick or treat?



My top picks


I don't usually like to pick favourites, (unless they are family relatives...makes christmas presents much more competitive) but I've picked these for ads for breaking the proverbial mold. Taking parts of halloween others may have overlooked and brought out, creative, unusual and inventive ads that make you both laugh, and remember the brand. Particularly, The snickers ad freaked me out. Imagine it's Halloween (as is) and you open the door to trick or treaters, and they are dressed as you. If it was me...I would bolt all doors and windows and go hide in the corner of the house. Excellent way to get into the audience's head with a comical but disturbing idea slowly seep into your head. The way an ad should (not the disturbing bit, but you get what I mean.



San Francisco Zoo








Unverisal Studios


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