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20 Beautiful Doors and Entrances created with Wide Format Printing

by FESPA | 01/09/2021
20 Beautiful Doors and Entrances created with Wide Format Printing

Entrances can either positively or negatively impact a building. Today, with the help of wide format printing, there are many ways to successfully print creative and attractive doors and entry zones. Sonja Angerer shares a few examples of how designers and sign makers have partnered to create beautiful doors and entrances in the recent years.

  1. Munich Away
Client: Munich Airport
Purpose: This beautiful entrance zone was designed for the outdoor space between Munich airport terminals T1 and T2. The small middle door opens to a temporary stadium where travellers were able to watch the Football World Championship in 2018.
Info: www.munich-airport.de
  1. Breakfast at Chanel´s
Client: Chanel
Purpose: When the famous Kurfürstendamm Berlin Chanel shop was redecorated in 2016, a pair of digitally printed columns were built in front of the shop to compensate for the ongoing construction.
Info: www.chanel.com
  1. Welcome to Berlin
Client: Tegel Airport 
Purpose: Tegel Airport Berlin closed at the end of 2020, but for years the structure remained at the entry level drop-off zone. Over the years, numerous famous brands use it for advertising purposes.
  1. Watch Closely
Client:  Fünf Höfe Mall
Purpose: This wrapped glass door was used to advertise the Exhibition “Die Lust der Täuschung” at Kunsthalle München from November 2018 to January 2019 at the Fünf Höfe Premium Mall where the museum is located.
Info: https://fuenfhoefe.de/lust-der-taeuschung/
  1. Cavemen
Client: Postojna Cave
Purpose: This door opens and leads to the Postojna Cave Vivarium at Posojna / Slowenia where visitors can catch see the famous Olm (Proteus Anguinus). This little underground creature lives up to 100 years and can survive for several years without food.  
Info: www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/attractions-in-the-park/vivarium/
  1. The Enchanted Book Store
Client: Unknown
Purpose: This wrapped back door belonged to a books store at Munich Maxvorstadt University quarters. The shop has been closed down for several years now, yet the installation still remains.  
  1. Grand Entrée
Client: Staatsbetrieb Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Purpose: When the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister at Dresden (Saxony) underwent some renovations in 2018, this digitally printed entrance was created to ensure visitors knew that it was still open.
Info: www.skd.museum
  1. Always On Time

Client: IWC Schaffhausen
Purpose: The IWC Schaffhausen Fine Watches brand shop at Munich is undergoing redecorations. The sign reads: “We don´t know when we will be able to open this shop. But be sure it will be right on time.”
Info: https://www.iwc.com
  1. Knocking on Heaven´s Door
Client: Benediktinerstift Admont
Purpose: This may look like a beautiful historic  piece of art, but it’s actually a wrapped fire-retardant automatic door guarding the many treasures of the Benediktinerstift monastery in Admont (Austria).
Info: www.stiftadmont.at
  1. Let´s Play
Client: Unknown 
Purpose: These billboards were part of an exhibition at the entrance of Berlin’s main train station in 2018. It showcases friends and relatives of the German football national team who express their solidarity with the players and wish them good luck. 
  1. Salt of the Earth
Client: Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden 
Purpose: The Berchtesgaden Saltmines have been operating since 1517. Today, visitors can experience certain parts of the mine with the help of a small underground railway system. This is the main waiting area and gift shop. 
  1. Hallstadt Hideaway
Client: Unkown
Purpose: This contour-cut ancient priest figure guards the street entry to a Hallstadt (Austria) guest house. The small town near Hallstadt lake welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year in its narrow streets and alleys, so most of the private property is barred with walls for some privacy.
Info: www.hallstadt.de/tourismus
  1. Who’s that Guy?
Client: Unkown
Purpose: This decor is most likely street art, as it appeared one day at a Berlin residential building door. But then, who knows? This is Berlin, right?
Info: www.visitberlin.de
  1. Vorsprung durch Technik
Client: Audi
Purpose: The wide format Audi billboard advertises their latest sports car at the main entrance of Munich airport Terminal 2.
Info: www.munich-airport.de
  1. Diamonds Are A Girl´s Best Friend
Client: Cartier
Purpose: Digital print is always useful when building require redecorating, as wide format banners help to make the construction site appear more attractive for customers. This is even more important and applicable for luxury brands.
Info: www.cartier.com
  1. Doors To the City
Client: Deutsche Bahn AG
Purpose: A locker for your luggage is usually a door to the city, because no-one likes go sightseeing carrying heavy luggage. Here is an example of on at Berlin Main Station.
Info: www.bahn.de  
  1. Here be Bikes
Client: Landeshauptstadt München
Purpose: The wide format printed poster was displayed at the entrance of the Munich KVR, the central municipal office for passports, legal marriage and other essential citizen services. It was designed to help the city’s campaign to become more bike friendly.
Info: www.greencity.de/projekt/radlhauptstadt-muenchen/
  1. Mountain Home
Client: Nationalparkzentrum Haus der Berge Berchtesgaden
Purpose: Established in 2013, Haus der Berge offers unique insights into the Berchtesgaden Alpes, people and wildlife of the area. It’s the main information centre of the National Park. The columns and digitally printed floor graphics feature on the ground floor entrance inviting visitors in.
Info: www.haus-der-berge.bayern.de
  1. The Show Must Go on
Client: Lanxess Arena
Purpose: Lanxess Arena is one of the biggest multifunctional arenas worldwide, with seating for 20,000 people. The main entrance area advertises upcoming events.
  1. My Body is a Temple

Client: The Nivea Haus Hamburg
Purpose: provides unique wellness experiences, using only products from well-loved German household brand Nivea. It was redecorated recently and will open again in early September 2021. The entrance features translucent glass decoration foil prints.
Info: https://www.nivea.de/nivea-haus/nivea-haus

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