FESPA Past association Events

ARED Erzurum Town Meeting & Seminars

11 Mar 2020

ARED Sign Association of Turkey will hold ARED Erzurum Town Meeting & Seminars at Polat Erzurum Resort Hotel on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, between 10:...

FESPA Bulgaria Screen Printing Book Promotion

28 Feb 2020

Basic Steps in Printing Technology is a handbook with useful instructions for both skilled artisans, beginners and amateurs who want to try something ...

FESPA Belgium Association SPEEDDATING

13 Feb 2020

Host Language: Flemmish/French, Special Guests: Sean Holt, Christian Duyckaerts, Location: Africa Museum Tervuren, Belgium.

FESPA Australia Gourmet BBQ on the Yarra

12 Feb 2020

FESPA Australia (formerly SGIAA) will hold a Gourmet BBQ on the Yarra - their long-standing industry social event.

FESPA France Congress 2019

3-4 Dec 2019

The FESPA France Congress is an annual event, traditionally held in a different French city year-on-year. Host language: French

FESPA España Congress VI

20 Nov 2019

FESPA España will celebrate their 30th anniversary this November.

Seminar for Screen & Digital Printers - Bill 15

18-19 Oct 2019

Host languages: Slovak and Czech (English will be translated)

Southern European Print Congress 2019

19-20 Jun 2019

This year’s Southern European Congress Print Congress was held in Madrid, Spain

Digital Printing Seminar

16 Apr 2019

Host language: Serbian

Reklama & Polygraf Exhibition Prague 2019

9-11 Apr 2019

International Trade Fair

A Passion for Print Textile Conference

10 Apr 2019

Upcoming conference held by FESPA UK Association

FESPA Mexico Congress 2019

04 Apr 2019

The 6th edition of the FESPA Mexico Congress was held on the 4th of April in Mexico City

Screen Printing Techniques on Textile

26 Mar 2019

Host language: Serbian

SZSDT Workshops - Special Effect Printing on Textile

15-16 Feb 2019

Host language: Slovak, Guest Speaker: Graeme Richardson-Locke

ARED Signage Awards 2018

09 Dec 2018

Host language: Turkish

Congrès FESPA France 2018

29-30 Nov 2018

Host language: French

FESPA Networking Event

22 Nov 2018

Host language: Bulgarian. Special Guests: Christian Duyckaerts & Sean Holt

'Think Big' Finnish seminar

31 Oct 2018

The seminar brought together 25 members from all over Finland

University of Ioannina Summer Workshop on Graphic Arts (Museum of Typography)

2-3 Jul 2018

FESPA’s Greek Association, HELSPA and the University of Ioannina worked together to launch the 1st Panhellenic Congress of the Graphic Arts at the Uni...

Southern European Congress 2018

18-19 Jun 2018

This year’s Southern European Congress was hosted by FESPA’s Portuguese Association Apigraf in Lisbon. The two-day event that was co-hosted by FESPA F...

ARED Signage Summit 2018

02 Feb 2018

Host language: Turkish

Verband Druck & Medientechnik’s Inkjet conference

31 Jan 2018

FESPA’s Austrian Association held a specialist conference focused on inkjet technology

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