Printing SA Women in Print Luncheon (Cape Town)

25 Aug-25 Aug 2022
Belmont Square, Conference Centre, Cape Town
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This is the first time in our 111 year history that we put together an event that honors the ‘Women in Print,’ across all the sub-sectors that we represent, who have emerged as stalwarts and heavyweights in an industry that has seen male dominance for over a century.

The Luncheon focus will be in two parts, the first part will take the form of a panel discussion with some of the industry's most formidable heroines and they will be looking at: Disruption - 'Don't just survive but THRIVE in a production world'. The discussions will highlight tips and tools that can be taught, instilled and implemented for print businesses to navigate and/or redefine themselves and company culture post-Covid, while also exploring how attracting female talent into their businesses has led to increased profitability and greater business success. Industry guru, Jean Lloyd, Global Principal Analyst of Colour Digital Label and Packaging (CDLP), will be leading the discussions.

Part 2 will see the young mavericks of the industry take the stage and unpack how they have managed to forge careers in a production world that is integrating and accommodating the diversity of the next generation at a very slow pace. These ladies will be exploring diversification within business and how businesses can do their part in finding and nurturing young and inexperienced talent to help ensure the future of print in the workplace by using technologies, machine learning, big-data, advanced process workflows and collaboration in changing the traditional way of looking at every facet of our industry.

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