FESPA Australia Annual Conference

27 Oct-27 Oct 2022
Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
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Welcome to the inaugural FESPA Australia Conference 22. With its theme of People Planet, Profit, successful print companies of the future will embrace a different culture, dismissing price competition in favour of a holistic view that promotes sustainability and leverages the power of people.

Coined the 'triple bottom line' by John Elkington in 1994, print companies nowadays must recognise the demands of their clients and internal teams for a socially responsible focus.

With interactive panel discussions, global live streaming and in person presentations, the conference will bring together internationally recognised thought leaders and industry experts who are already developing and demonstrating sustainability, leadership and automation practices to guide print companies into a better future.

To top it off we are delighted to have the ever talented Sam McCool to guide and facilitate the days proceedings.


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