Second edition of #PrintOnWebinAir

03 Feb 2021
Kraków, Poland
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Directions of development, trends and challenges faced by the printing industry.

At the beginning of February the Polish Association of Screen Printing and Digital Printing organized the second edition of #PrintOnWebinAir. The first online meeting was held at the end of November with the aim to present solutions that can help printers find their place in the new reality.

 The second edition of #PrintOnWebinAir was divided into two blocks, the first one featured four speakers, while the second one was a discussion panel for representatives of trade journals.

Dominik Borkowski from Sico Polska shared the experiences of his clients who, with the help of sublimation technology, can swiftly respond to changes on the market. One of the biggest advantages of the sublimation method is the possibility of using it on a huge number of substrates. Therefore, at the beginning of the pandemic, companies were able to produce the necessary products such as masks or screens. Although market saturated very quickly, the sublimation printing technology rapidly proved itself during lockdown, which contributed to the expansion of the home decor industry. Additionally, a new home staging industry has developed strongly.

Dr. Jakub Tomczak from the University of Warsaw, whose scientific work focuses on establishing lasting cooperation between science and business, introduced the topic of innovation in enterprises that is an opportunity for development. The speaker gave a number of examples and pointed to business owners guidelines on how to benefit from innovations in the printing industry and what we should pay attention to in case of participating in projects or applying for grants.

In turn, Andrzej Dzidt, co-owner of company Jetpol shared his thoughts in order to simply encourage the Participants to act. After a pandemic year, everyone already knows that the future cannot be predicted. However, isn't the best "way to predict the future is to create it"? The speaker presented in a great way the development suggestion for printing houses and emphasized that what we will do now, so how the printing houses invest their time and capital, will have an effect in the short- and long-term future. Moreover, by investing in new areas and gaining knowledge, we broaden our horizons and conquer the market.
The speech of Marek Śliboda, who is the founder and co-owner of the Marco company, met with great interest. A long-time theoretician and practitioner of organization and management, a visionary and promoter of corporate social responsibility, who consistently introduces an original way of managing the business, shared his experiences about how aware Marco team created its own anti-crisis shield and, despite the pandemic, implemented actions that resulted in development of the company. Numerous awards granted in the category of Responsible Business, also by the President of the Republic of Poland, prove that companies such as Marco are becoming a model of changes that are taking place in the economic sphere and in the mentality of society.

The second part of the webinar was attended by representatives of the trade journals who participated in the discussion on the directions of development and challenges faced by the printing industry. It was the first meeting of this type in which event’s media patrons took an active part in the program, sharing their observations and projections.

The second edition of #PrintOnWebinAir aroused great interest. The participants in their comments on the chat and in the subsequent e-mails to the Polish Association of Screen Printing and Digital Printing described the webinar as compelling, full of knowledge, inspiring and thought-provoking. It proves that the intention of the organizers was right and PSSiDC at the requests of the guests of the event is considering a series of more frequent meetings.

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