PACKAGING CONGRESS ”Green Wave or New Sustainability?“

19 Oct-19 Oct 2021
Vienna, Austria
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REGISTER NOW! Language: German, Special Guest: Dr. Gertraud Leimüller

The two organisers are writing history with the 1st hybrid packaging congress by Verband Druck Medien Österreich (Association Print Media Austria) and Packaging Austria. First, because the two heavyweights of the printing industry jointly set up a congress for the first time. Second, because the topic “Green Wave or New Sustainability” is hotter than ever, especially in the context of the corona pandemic and the Plastikverordnung (plastic ordinance). And third, because the hybrid event offers international networking opportunities.

Top-class experts present the chances that green packaging opens up for new business models and how business success can be strengthened through more sustainability. In her keynote, innovation expert Gertraud Leimüller shows how to root sustainable innovation in a company.

Format: Day event, 9 am to 5 pm
Place: Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace Hotel, Vienna
Prices: EUR 280,– excl. VAT; EUR 150,– excl. VAT for members and special discounts;
100 "Limited Edition" tickets for participation on site, online participation is
possible for all other participants

▪ Keynote: Green packaging as an opportunity for new business models - rooting sustainable innovation in companies
▪ Sustainability assessment of packaging, legal framework (new packaging ordinance, packaging design guidelines, etc.)
▪ Migration of colours and certifications for the food sector
▪ The Future of Packaging
▪ Best Practice Projects
▪ Green packaging at the POS - between customer demands, legal requirements and corporate philosophy
▪ Packaging – between design and logistics: what is possible?

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