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Tomorrow's World

A beginner’s guide to regenerative capitalism

To address the world’s biggest challenges we need a radical new approach to economics – could regenerative capitalism be the answer?

Business Advice

The case for UV LED on performance and durability

EFI on the environmental benefits and energy usage of UV LED.

Tomorrow's World

Measuring carbon reduction

Accurate carbon reporting means avoiding greenwash.

Tomorrow's World

Economics, industry and biodiversity

The industry needs new goals to halt the biodiversity crisis. To start with, good energy and waste management can reduce the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.  

Tomorrow's World

Circulytics: a catalyst for change

HP worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to ensure its business practices were fit for a more sustainable future.

Business Advice

B Corps and ‘green swans’

B Corporations want to use profits and growth to help people and planet, and printers can get on board too.

How to Guides

How to support circularity with eco-friendly solutions

Einar Ek of Re-board assesses the value of fibre paper board over synthetic materials and how to ensure durability.

Tomorrow's World

The bigger picture on plastics in print

Printers need to consider alternatives to plastic while recognising the need to match performance and durability. Any steps towards lower carbon products can only be positive.

Business Advice

A sustainable shopping list

Nathan Swinson Bullough, co-owner and Managing Director of  UK based Imageco, on the firm’s sustainability journey.

People in Print

Slowing down fast fashion

As the founder and CEO of London-based not-for-profit garment manufacturer, Fashion Enter, Jenny Holloway wanted to do things differently. Now, with COVID and Brexit reshaping the commercial landscape, her ideas have never been more relevant.

Tomorrow's World

Signage and sustainability

In the fourth part of our series on sustainability in different print sectors, we spoke to Sonia Villalba at LEDIT YAKI.

How to Guides

How to measure your green transition with Circulytics

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics tool is helping hundreds of businesses – printers included – move away from a linear approach to embrace the circular economy.

Business Advice

FESPA introduces “Coffee Break” webinars

Graeme Richardson-Locke introduces FESPA Coffee Break, webinars that will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge, opinions and will answer questions on how speciality printers can get better, faster.

Tomorrow's World

Digital textile printing and sustainability

In the third part of our series on sustainability in different print sectors, we spoke to Micol Gamba at EFI Reggiani.

Business Advice

The right certification for textile printers

How much do you know about the sustainable practices of your supply chain?

Tomorrow's World

2D design and 3D visualisation in fashion printing

3D design can streamline systems, enhance sustainability and – in times such as the COVID crisis – even maintain the concept-to-shelf cycle during unexpected challenges.

Business Advice

Certification and improving sustainability

UK printer Pureprint became carbon neutral as long ago as 2002 and continues to unearth new ways of improving its sustainability. Club FESPA Online spoke to Director Richard Owers and Stephen Robinson, Head of Compliance at the large format print division of the Group.

Business Advice

Why greenwashing is a dirty business

Greenwashing is rife – an outer covering of environmental credibility hides a multitude of sins. We look at how printers can move towards sustainability honestly.

Tomorrow's World

Embracing the circular economy

A ‘business as usual’ approach to resource use is unsustainable for everyone – it’s time for the printing community to join the circular economy.


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