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'Printed with light': RGB screens steal the show

by FESPA | 24/02/2020
'Printed with light': RGB screens steal the show

We spoke to Lorenz Boegli of Atelier fuer Siebdruck, whose limited edition special effect magazine cover won Gold in the Serigraphies and Fine Art category at the 2019 FESPA Awards and Best in Show for screen printing.

What was the brief/what were you attempting to achieve with the work?

I was asked to use screen printing techniques to design and create a cover for Creativ Verpacken, a German magazine that specialises in packaging, design and marketing. Print volume was 4,000.

Lorenz Boegli

What inspired you?

I wanted to screen print this cover using RGB printing, my own invention – a full-colour process on black paper using reflective pigments. The entire project was based around a design optimised to show clearly the benefits of RGB printing.  

How long did you have to complete the project?

Two months.

What were the benefits of the material choices you made?

The selected coated black paper (330 gsm Plike board from Gruppo Cordenons) is optimal for light reflections of special SpectravalTM pearlescent pigments from Merck, specially designed for RGB printing. The cover was then printed from RGB colour separations on an SPS Cylinder press.

What were the key challenges involved in the project?

The maximum reproduction in RGB.

How did you overcome them?

Through an optimal design from the beginning. The picture of a pearl necklace in a workshop created the optimal conditions for RGB printing, because the object emerges through light from the background. The grey balance is an important part of this picture, which makes it easy to see the difficulty and quality of the printed product.

How many people were involved in the project?

Three: designer/printer, photographer, lithographer.

How has the award changed things for you?

I have achieved my goal of winning Best in Show at the FESPA Awards in 2019 in Munich, after Hamburg in 2017 and London in 2013.

What projects are forthcoming for you?

At the moment it’s time to screen print unique Christmas cards.

What would you say to people thinking about entering the awards for next year?

First, focus on demonstrating your best skills then choose inspiring designs and submit your entry with detailed information.

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