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Celebrating talent in the Associations Pavilion at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022: Slovakia and Greece

by FESPA | 22/04/2022
Celebrating talent in the Associations Pavilion at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022: Slovakia and Greece

The Associations Pavilion at the FESPA Global Expo 2022 in Berlin (31 May–3 June) will give members the opportunity to showcase samples of their work both digitally and screen printed. Visitors to the Messe Berlin will learn how diverse applications were printed and finished by members from 16 countries, including Greece and Slovakia.

Slovakia (SZSDT)


Christ the High Priest (Kristus Veľkňaz) icon on wood

This series of 52 modern paintings – icons on wood – used a combination of techniques (digital UV printing, laser engraving, manual application of gold leaf, and screen printing) on this box for the Benedictine monastery in Sampor Sliač, Slovakia. 
Made by SZSDT

Design information system

This design information system combines several technologies, such as CO2 laser cutting and engraving, fibre laser cutting, etching and digital printing. This combination has allowed the creator to end up with a unique, bespoke product.
Made by AGD Print

Kanovits signature calendar

This specialty A3 wall calendar, a self-promotion for clients and agencies, showcases new digital print and enhancement technologies such as printing with gold, silver, multi-layer, double white, metallic effects, high-precision laser cutting and engraving, and digital spot UV varnishing on French and Italian creative papers. This product helped the firm gain worldwide recognition and take orders from 36 countries.
Made by Kanovits Print Atelier

Greece (FEPSA Hellas Association) 


The artistic concept behind Spring was to be realized through screen printing although not in the conventional way. An artistic approach on the prepress was used, replacing photosensitive emulsion with direct painting on a screen with coarse mesh. 
Made by Lombardias Bros

Cooler decoration

The objective of this project was to decorate a cooler on which the logo would stand out. White colour, Pantone shade and varnish can be more vividly produced on a black substrate with screen printing, which was preferred to digital printing. A second material was used for the logo because the effect of silver mirror would be more vivid and stand out more.
Made by Lombardias Bros

Apivita packaging

Showcasing this firm's hybrid printing capabilities, this printed packaging for cosmetics benefited from the both screen and offset printing. The substrate used was a custom order from the client. In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the paper pulp consists partly from the grape stems from grapes used for the product formula.
Made by Lombardias Bros

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