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Box of delights

by FESPA | 20/10/2020
Box of delights

Perfect Packaging of India won a 2020 FESPA Gold Award in the packaging on paper and board category with a tactile signature gift box. We spoke to Partner and Managing Director Kashyap Thaker about the win.

This incense presentation box was printed in seven colours, including white combi HV Heidelberg with Silver Met Pet to the lid and velvet lamination to base and lid. It was finished with five UV varnish techniques, including Ruff UV, spot UV, crystal UV, wrinkle and reflective UV on to gold laminated folding box board. 6000 units were produced, which took 10 days. Judges appreciated the firms’s maximisation of special effects to create tactile and engaging print.

What was the brief, and what were you attempting to achieve with the work?

When we got the order to develop the incense box, our first packaging job for this industry, we thought: let’s think outside of the box and develop truly unique packaging.

What are the benefits of the material choices that you made?

We used folding box board for its strength and tried a multitude of different processes on top of that to make the packaging look as different from normal as we could.

What key technical challenges did you face?

Mixing and matching screen printing with offset printing, as well as five or six different types of special effects to ensure the packaging looked vibrant.

How did you overcome those challenges?

Intense planning. First we completed all the offset printing and, while screen printing the outer box, we made changes to the design, using different types of mesh to make the inner and outer surfaces of the box match and look like a complete set.

What do you think you offer to clients that competitors don’t?

Our constant search to create something out of the ordinary gives us an edge on our competitors.

What are the key challenges in technology that are influencing the industry right now?

High capital investment in the printing industry is having a long-term influence.

How will winning this award change things for you?

Winning any award always gives us a tremendous amount of job satisfaction. It also helps us build up our image in the market, which brings in good business.

What projects are forthcoming?

We are moving into large format in printing with the latest technology.

How do you see your business expanding in the next five to 10 years?

We have to be alert to customers’ increasing desire for different varieties of packaging, while always keeping keen prices in mind.

What’s the most important business tip or trick you could pass on to our readers?

Think of creating something out of the ordinary. Any product you design should inspire you first – only then can you guarantee it will inspire your customer.

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