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Playing the textile transfer market

Sakurai’s Claudio Moffa tells us how the company is bringing conventional textile transfer technology into the digital and sustainable age.

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Wide format lenticular printing

How the ability to produce eye-catching 3D or ‘moving’ pictures is within reach of ever more printers. 

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Solve problems early with preflighting

Post-COVID, making efficiencies is more important than ever. Andrew Bailes-Collins of Enfocus on how effective preflighting systems are essential.

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FESPA introduces “Coffee Break” webinars

Graeme Richardson-Locke introduces FESPA Coffee Break, webinars that will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge, opinions and will answer questions on how speciality printers can get better, faster.

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The right certification for textile printers

How much do you know about the sustainable practices of your supply chain?

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Certification and improving sustainability

UK printer Pureprint became carbon neutral as long ago as 2002 and continues to unearth new ways of improving its sustainability. Club FESPA Online spoke to Director Richard Owers and Stephen Robinson, Head of Compliance at the large format print division of the Group.

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Towards the mass customization of one

The holy grail in mass customization is to produce unique customized products at the price of a single mass produced unit. Paul McKinlay at Cimpress, the global mass customization company and parent of brands like Vistaprint and Pixartprinting, explains.

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Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages

Exclusive FESPA members platform, Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages Club FESPA Online offers over 100 thought-provoking articles that cover a wide range of topics for speciality printers to help improve business practice and increase awareness of industry trends; with new content being added every month.

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Why greenwashing is a dirty business

Greenwashing is rife – an outer covering of environmental credibility hides a multitude of sins. We look at how printers can move towards sustainability honestly.

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A no-nonsense guide to sustainable printing

There’s no shortage of advice and enthusiasm available when it comes to sustainable printing, but it can leave your head spinning. Andy Wilson, Managing Director of one of the UK’s leading wide format digital printers PressOn, gives some practical advice.

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Towards net zero

Countries across the world have committed to becoming ‘net zero’ economies to help lessen the impact of climate change. We take a look at five ways print companies can play their part – and what it means for the future.

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Nordic Swan: the highest eco certification?

The Scandinavian eco label enjoys worldwide kudos for its high standards. What makes the Nordic Swan logo the trailblazer?  

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Confronting the COVID-19 crisis

How are printers handling the onslaught of COVID-19, what will the consequences be for the industry, and are there any lockdown silver linings?

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Fast fashion, sportswear and sustainability: closing the circle

Debbie McKeegan, FESPA Textile Ambassador, talks about the innovations within textile printing, new techniques for sportswear production and why sustainability can be prone to greenwashing.

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Liquid metal: multicoloured cold foiling through screen printing

Jacek Stencel, CEO of Polish screen printer Pasja, lifts the lid on the secrets of cold foiling.

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Bringing texture to life: haptics for UV digital imaging

Jan Seguda, Team Manager Product Management at ColorGATE, says that in a visually over-stimulated world, more consumers will seek out tactile experiences in their printed products.

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Don't fall foul of waste water regulations

Avoid the disaster of being fined for pollution by your local water authority by keeping your effluent within agreed limits.

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Why automation software makes sense

Automation software reduces errors and speeds up workflows. Are you missing out?

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Health and safety: are you doing enough?

Printers must ensure that they are protecting employees from trips, slips and hazardous chemicals. But are your processes fit for purpose?

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Personalised photo products: four steps to success

There are big opportunities in this rapidly growing sector, says Zsolt Racz, Vice President, Business Development, at Printbox in Poland.