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Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages

by FESPA | 24/08/2020
Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages

Exclusive FESPA members platform, Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages Club FESPA Online offers over 100 thought-provoking articles that cover a wide range of topics for speciality printers to help improve business practice and increase awareness of industry trends; with new content being added every month.

With many of us returning to work or having been back a little longer, never before has it been so important to improve business efficiency and use our entrepreneurial ability to restate our position as printers. All companies are facing disruption and a reduction in orders is common. FESPA understands that smaller companies tend to have even less time than larger organisations to assess the changing landscape that informs their investment decisions and how they ensure their sustainability.

With its global community and member Associations in 37 countries Club FESPA Online was originally created in 2018 to offer FESPA’s member community exclusive articles focussed on business development and shared experience in digital and screen-printing companies.

There are many types of printers serving a multitude of markets, some are converging but all are extending into further stages of automation to speed up efficiency and handle altered buying preferences. It is this diversity that fuels our need to provide a wide range of topics for discussion, the principle is for all articles to offer insight that will reduce the time taken to implement progressive change leading to increased resilience and sustainability.

Caption: examples of articles available on Club FESPA Online.

As an exclusive member benefit, the Club FESPA Online articles are commissioned and focused around four themes including How To Guides, Business Advice, People In Print and Tomorrow’s World.

The How To Guides cover technical and process related material and aim to demystify complex topics and understand where the latest technological advancements can improve their businesses. For example, how to achieve perfect colour management on multiple substrates  or how to count your carbon emissions, these are amongst a broad selection of topics.

The Business Advice articles offer insight on how to run a successful SME print business dealing with the many challenges from sustainability, software automation and cost reduction. For example, why automation software makes sense and confronting the COVID-19 crisis.

People In Print focuses on industry leaders and their shared experience across speciality print. These professionals discuss their successes and the challenges they face. For example, strawberry-scented graphics on the London Underground and an interview with Michel Caza, founding father and former President of FESPA.

Finally, Tomorrow’s World shows us what lies ahead and what we can expect in the future, whether its sustainability, the IoT or the latest print technologies. It provides a sense of what may become important in the next decade. For example, how will COVID-19 affect the industry’s future? and textiles and sustainability.

Caption: examples of articles available on Club FESPA Online.

Please support us by encouraging all your members to register for Club FESPA Online. To continue to offer this platform as an exclusive member benefit, we need significant growth in the number of readers.Therefore, we ask you not to publish the articles elsewhere e.g. your website or trade press. The articles should only appear on Club FESPA Online. If you require further support in promoting the platform to your members, please let us know. Looking ahead, we aim to add more content that is internationally relevant.

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