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The FESPA Print Census is a unique worldwide research project which collects and shares market intelligence.  It's a central pillar of our industry investment program, designed to help our global print network to adopt the latest industry trends, and act as a barometer to the industry's wellbeing.

The insight this tool provides, complemented by other FESPA research initiatives into key growth opportunities, provides a tangible benefit to our membership.  Helping you to make well-informed decisions and support long-term growth.

Insight for action

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A holistic view of what's happening for print businesses around the world, the challenges printers are facing and the trends driving our industry.  Benchmark your business against our 2023 predictions, to receive:

  • A chance to WIN 2 night's accommodation to FESPA Global Print Expo 2023
  • A copy of the Key Trend Summary Report in advance!
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