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1st August 2014
The ISO committee responsible for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management and related activities is looking for new blood. They have put out a call to encourage young people to...
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24th June 2014
Productivity and efficiency are normally at the top of companies priorities but what if you could improve both of these elements whilst reducing environmental impact?
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20th May 2014
Welcome to the FESPA Awards 2014, the only global awards in the Print industry recognising the best print in the world, and the people behind them.
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2nd May 2014
Asian Pulp & Paper (APP) really do seem to be living up to their promises. When they announced their Forest Conservation Policy just over a year ago it had a serious...
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25th April 2014
Understanding technology seems to be much less important than it used to be. Stuff works in our industry because the graphic arts industry has benefited from years of...
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17th April 2014
Laurel Brunner takes a look at the obstacles facing companies and initiatives attempting to reduce environmental impact within the print industry and draws some...
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27th March 2014
All the people who chat about print fading away must not have noticed the rising number of book fairs around the world. The Jaipur Literary Festival is one that springs...
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14th March 2014
One of the biggest concerns with print's environmental impact is disposing of it when it reaches end of life. Fortunately we have in place robust paper recycling supply...
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11th March 2014
If not disposed of or recycled in the correct way PET can be incredibly harmful to the environment. The Indian government want a blanket ban but might more readily...
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25th February 2014
Polyethylene terephthalate otherwise known as PET, is used in packaging worldwide and is readily recycled. PET provides the raw material for bottles and containers and...
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14th February 2014
We recently came across an environmental story that is just too good to be true, and yet it is true. It seems that in every mile of the M6 Toll motorway in the UK there...
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14th February 2014
In the run up to this years FESPA Awards we are profiling our judging panel. Finding out about the sector within which their company works, what their industry...
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