Our shareholders are the industry. FESPA has invested millions of Euros into the global printing community over the last 7 years, supporting the growth of the market.

FESPA’s successful worldwide events generate profits that we reinvest for the immediate benefit of the global FESPA community of printers.

There are no individual shareholders reaping the financial benefits of our success. Our ‘shareholders’ are the print service providers who attend FESPA events and who come to us and our member associations to access industry knowledge, education, inspiration and best practice.

Our purpose is to help the FESPA community succeed, by anticipating challenges and embracing opportunities. This remarkable ‘profit for purpose’ philosophy has seen FESPA reinvest over four million Euros in the last seven years to support printers.

Some of this reinvestment has been directly through FESPA, in the form of educational publications such as FESPA Sensations and the Planet Friendly Printing Guide, and through the creation of valuable community platforms such as the FESPA Wide Network. Some of our reinvestment funds are channelled into developing cross–border market intelligence through initiatives such as the Worldwide Survey, the regular FESPA Economy Survey and the recent Print Evolution Study.

Some of the money is used to enable FESPA to deliver world-class educational content at our global events at no charge to visitors. We are also developing a growing programme of regional thought-leadership Summits, and knowledge-sharing events such as conferences, congresses and seminars.

Recognising the importance of the web as a research tool for our global community, we are also investing constantly to ensure that information is available online at, and to make this an indispensable source of information for printers.

Finally – and most importantly - any one of our 37 national associations can apply to FESPA to request support for a local initiative through the reinvestment fund, so ‘profit for purpose’ can be seen in action in every country in our global network.

When you exhibit at a FESPA show, sponsor a feature or attend a FESPA event anywhere in the world, you are helping FESPA with the important mission of developing and sustaining a community of printers who are educated, informed and well equipped for a positive and profitable future.

Profit for Purpose

Published in Industry News
21st December 2015
The Global Summit 2015 was a unique two-day event that brought together 133 of the world's business leaders to debate issues of strategic importance to the industry.
Published in Press Releases
17th November 2015
Profit for Purpose’ funds vocational print education in Turkey, addressing sector skills deficit.
Published in Press Releases
27th October 2015
The 2015 event offers strategic level insights so print industry leaders can improve and optimize their business.


Published in Features
29th September 2015
The FESPA Print Census exposes several overarching trends which dominate the strategic thinking of printers on every continent.
Published in Press Releases
22nd September 2015
SIOTEC, the 10-year old trade association representing the Italian speciality print community, has rebranded as FESPA Italia Associazione. 
Published in Features
21st September 2015
FESPA Print Census highlights the evidence that print is evolving from being a manufacturing business to one which is increasingly service orientated.


Published in Features
14th September 2015
In the new print economy, service is a true differentiator, and it means far more than delivering on time, on specification.
Published in Features
8th September 2015
Of the six overarching trends exposed by the FESPA Print Census, one is the most heart-warming, because it points the way to a bright future for print.
Published in FESPA Publications
6th August 2015
FESPA has introduced a new series of technical guides which are available free of charge for members of FESPA's national associations.
Published in Press Releases
19th June 2015
FESPA Africa will be a hive of inspirational activity 22-24 July at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
Published in Press Releases
15th April 2015
FESPA has introduced a new series of technical guides which are available free of charge for members of FESPA's national associations.
23rd March 2015
Published in Press Releases
5th February 2015
FESPA is staging four regional congresses in collaboration with its associations during the first half of 2015.
Published in Blogs
2nd February 2015
Did you know that 26% of printers regularly produce wallpaper & interior applications? Sean Holt, FESPA's General Secretary, explains the Print Census.
Published in Industry News
19th January 2015
This week, from 19 – 25 January 2015, the FESPA Print Inspiration Rally is at the imm exhibition in Cologne Germany.
Published in Features
8th December 2014
Paul Machin looks back at the enormous changes which have made the printing industry a safer place for employees and the environment, as he moves into retirement.
Published in Press Releases
20th November 2014
FESPA transforms classic American school bus to promote the possibilities of print in a unique pan-industry outreach project.
Published in Member benefits
12th November 2014
As a federation of trade associations, FESPA has created a global community of organisations all sharing national and international knowledge.
Published in Industry News
20th May 2014
Broadest and largest global research initiative ever (12-month data gathering project) to map wide-format print community
Published in FESPA Associations
14th May 2014
The FESPA Global Census is the largest data gathering project in the wide-format printing industry.
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