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Planet Friendly Printing is not just an ideology, it’s a way of life for some printers. This section houses the leading insight into sustainability in print on With expert opinions, research, presentations, videos and the comprehensive Planet Friendly Printing Guide, you’ll find anything the print service provider, print buyer, supplier to the industry or agency personnel will ever need.

You can access the abridged version of the guide here. Members of FESPA can access the full version here. You can become a member of FESPA by clicking the following link here

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Published in FESPA Events
18th May 2015
  FESPA’s flagship exhibition FESPA 2015 is the world’s largest focus event for the wide format print. Encompassing screen, digital and textile print; the...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
17th April 2014
Laurel Brunner takes a look at the obstacles facing companies and initiatives attempting to reduce environmental impact within the print industry and draws some...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
11th April 2014
This week's Verdigris blog marks it's hundredth issue and takes a look at market changes since it's inaugural article. Here's to the next 100!
Published in Paul Machin's Blog
8th April 2014
Having all witnessed extremes of weather this winter it's apparent that Climate Change is beginning to have a marked impact. With this in mind is it time to review the...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
4th April 2014
When ISO 16759 was published in July 2013 expectations were mixed. Would the market really care or was this standard ahead of its time? Given the state of the economy...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
31st March 2014
There are many things that scientists love, but probably none more so than acronyms and absolutes, such as DC for Direct Current or PDF for Portable Document...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
27th March 2014
All the people who chat about print fading away must not have noticed the rising number of book fairs around the world. The Jaipur Literary Festival is one that springs...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
14th March 2014
One of the biggest concerns with print's environmental impact is disposing of it when it reaches end of life. Fortunately we have in place robust paper recycling supply...
Published in Paul Machin's Blog
12th March 2014
As disturbances in the Ukraine continue fears are growing over the impact it is starting to have on the supply of gas to European countries. The use of 'smart meters' is...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
11th March 2014
If not disposed of or recycled in the correct way PET can be incredibly harmful to the environment. The Indian government want a blanket ban but might more readily...
Published in Laurel Brunner's Blog
25th February 2014
Polyethylene terephthalate otherwise known as PET, is used in packaging worldwide and is readily recycled. PET provides the raw material for bottles and containers and...
Published in Press Releases
18th February 2014
Die FESPA kommt 2015 zurück nach Deutschland: Von Montag, 18. Mai, bis Freitag, 22. Mai 2015 hat die Leitveranstaltung für Sieb-, Digital- und...
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