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23rd January 2015
Laurel Brunner looks at AiryPack, a new packaging material with lower weight, fewer chemicals and complete recyclability.
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16th January 2015
Laurel Brunner extols the virtues of FESPA's Planet Friendly Printing Guide, recently relaunched as a benefit to members of FESPA's network of national associations.
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14th January 2015
Mid-Wales based printing company, "We Are Promotional Products" are on a mission to raise money and donate branded items for a local charity event.
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9th January 2015
Danish politicians who want to tax printed advertising are rethinking their position.
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5th January 2015
In a new report by the PEFC, visible and recognisable sustainability certification is now strongly influencing consumer decision-making.
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12th December 2014
Laurel Brunner finds the Carbon Disclosure Project supporting the world's biggest brands in transparency and investment in carbon reduction initiatives.
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8th December 2014
Paul Machin looks back at the enormous changes which have made the printing industry a safer place for employees and the environment, as he moves into retirement.
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5th December 2014
Laurel Brunner hears back from the Danish government on why they think taxing print is a good idea.
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4th December 2014
The Finnish Forest Certification Scheme has become the first ever system to seek PEFC endorsement for the fourth time.
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28th November 2014
Laurel Brunner explores a major source of funding for printers in developing countries to help reduce their carbon footprint.
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24th November 2014
As the European country's government considers development of a new taxation system on printed materials, we ask why this isn't ringing alarm bells across the trade.
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18th November 2014
One of the continent's largest print providers has launched its service business in the UK - we talk to Philip Foster, Saxoprint's UK Senior Account Manager.
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14th November 2014
Network based software and hardware provision can reduce your carbon footprint and help protect your business, but how can Printers take advantage?
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7th November 2014
Printing and publishing companies who want to take on such a massive challenge must first focus on their own impact.
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3rd November 2014
Ever wondered what happens to old billboards? Find out how a global brand turned their hoardings into a unique accessory to complement their latest product.
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27th October 2014
Does this sound like an impossible task? Of course it does, but it has to be done if the media industry wants to be able to benchmark and monitor its carbon footprint.
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6th October 2014
FESPA has re-launched its respected Planet Friendly Guide in a new format consisting of a series of mini guides.
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2nd October 2014
The guides enable printers to find information specific to their own print processes and business priorities, making it easier to access the information that matters.
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26th September 2014
The European Commission is forging ahead with plans to develop its own Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Corporate Environmental Footprint (CEF) rules.
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16th September 2014
Energy efficiency should influence your buying choices too, says Paul Machin, and lead to greater profitability as well as a smaller carbon footprint.
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29th August 2014
Laurel Brunner asks if Europe businesses are being slowly throttled by an excess of European Union legislation.
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11th August 2014
More than 400,000 people may have died prematurely from air pollution in the EU, and almost two-thirds of the EU was exposed to unsafe levels of pollution.
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8th August 2014
The International Standards Organisation has updated ISO TS 14067, the specification for calculating the carbon footprint of products and services.
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1st August 2014
Laurel Brunner looks at ISO's refreshing new approach to updating standards in the print community.
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25th July 2014
Laurel Brunner asks whether high level international conferences, such as the recent United Nations Environmental Assembly, encourage or stifle green innovation
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