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Representing an investment of €500,000 over three years, our refreshed website features improved navigation and a step-change in the quality and frequency of relevant content offered to the global print community via text articles, videos and webinars.


Suppliers to the Print Service Provider (PSP) community can leverage FESPA’s investment in the website and the increased traffic to generate leads through advertising and sponsorship.

For more details please contact Callum Legg, Online Sales Executive.

To share your news with the FESPA community, please add [email protected] to your press lists.

Why Advertise on is a source of content, information and industry insight for print service providers and graphic industry proffesionals on a global scale in addition to being the portal to the largest wide-format print specific exhibitions and events in the world.

FESPA pledge to provide more exciting, thought-provoking, stimulating content to our global audience as a result of this new look website. We hold a database of over 300,000 print / visual communication industry specific businessmen and women, and you can expect more and more of these top level individuals to be visiting through the coming year.

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Advertising Options for 2014 - 


Advertising Area Size Number Available
Full Leaderboard 728x90 1
Half Leaderboard 478x90 2
Mid Page MPU 300x250 1
Mid Page Button 125x125 2
Lower Page Half Banner 234x60 4
Lower Page Button 120x60 1
Lower Right Small Banner 300x200 3
Skyscraper 120x600 1

FESPA World Newsletter(s) Advertising

The FESPA World newsletter will be feeding the most up to date and most popular news, content and feature articles on to our global audience. This opportunity will get you exposure in hundreds of thousands of inboxes.

Thanks to increased demand for our fortnightly newsletter, FESPA World now publishes every week and has a number of advertising options:

Advertising Area Size Number Available
Takeover* 80x60 1
MPU 380x74 2
Button 170x45 4
Large Advert Button 280x175 2

*Includes ‘Powered by’ Credit, MPU and Button. FESPA World layout.

Webinar Sponsorship

Webinars are a form of online conferencing where viewers/delegates partake in a conference via the internet at the comfort of their office/home.

As part of sponsorship of these webinars, sponsors will receive promotional brand visibility and have their brand aligned with a particular topic. In addition, the sponsor will be allocated a presentation slot, and perhaps most importantly will have access to the data of the delegates providing a unique opportunity for lead generation. These leads are particularly interesting, because they would be specific to the content in the webinar creating a more targeted approach.

As an exclusive sponsor, you will also get an opportunity to shape the content/title of the webinar/webinar series to align with what you are promoting at that particular moment in time.

Typically we expect approximately 80-100 delegates to each webinar.

Type Details
Individual Webinar Up to three sponsors
Individual Webinar Only one sponsor
Webinar Series Sponsorship Series of three webinars, with exclusive sponsorship
Pre-recorded Webinar Hosting Six months' hosting, two emails to our c200k lists

White Paper Hosting

We can host your whitepapers and research documents to allow for maximum exposure for your research. We host all white papers for 18months.

FESPA TV Hosting and Sponsorship

FESPA TV is an industry leading internet video/TV channel. We have hundreds of videos and hundreds of thousands of views over the last five years since FESPA TV began. There are four options for sponsorship, all of which can be explored in more detail by contacting Callum Legg, Online Sales Executive.

Please see the sponsorship options below:

Option 1 – FESPA TV Sponsorship (All Channels)
Option 2 – Channel Sponsorship
Option 3 – Pre Video Advert (15 second vid)
Option 4 – Video Hosting

FESPA TV Professional Video Capture, Edit, Production & Hosting

FESPA have been developing its video offering since 2008 and have now got a full production suite to meet your video needs. We have over €10,000 of filming equipment and have developed the medium of video for the print industry to become the leading print TV channel. We have fully trained staff in storyboarding, sound, lighting, production and post-production and can also provide BBC trained TV presenters for ultimate professionalism.

We offer Professional Video Capture, Edit, Production & Hosting (option 5) to all clients and are able to work to varied briefs and budgets.

  • Full story-boarding in conjunction with the client
  • Supply of full video pre and post production team including trained TV presenter (English speaking) – Other languages available for additional supplement.
  • Supply of professional film equipment
  • Travel to your location

Trade Show Video Production

  • All the benefits of Option 5 without the cost of a location shoot.
  • A selection of short videos, all to be hosted on for 6 months and available for you to keep for promotional use.
  • For more information, see

Full Advertising Rate Card

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