#fespasocial is the tag we use whenever people are getting together at or around FESPA events, associations or functions.

Please use the tag on your social networks from your office, phone or tablet on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and we'll add our own blogs, photos and comments too!

A selection of these feeds are published in the featured article below, and we also have blog posts by FESPA colleagues in the run up to events.

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16th June 2015

This year saw the launch of Printeriors, an interior design showcase featuring interior sets and an educational conference program.

23rd March 2015
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17th December 2014

FESPA presents a time-wasting alternative to working through evenings and weekends... with our twist on the popular mobile game.

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16th September 2014

Ever wondered which of our articles were most popular?  So have we, so here they are:

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3rd September 2014

Partnering with FESPA on its portfolio of industry-leading events as an official sponsor provides the best networking opportunities at the highest level of business.

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8th August 2014

This privacy notice tells you what to expect when FESPA collects personal information.


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7th August 2014

Suppliers to the Print Service Provider (PSP) community can leverage FESPA’s investment online and the increased traffic to generate leads through advertising and sponsorship. For more details please contact Callum Legg, Online Sales Executive, or complete the form below.

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16th December 2013
If you're on any social or media-sharing networks, you can use #fespasocial to coordinate face-to-face gatherings, social occasions, parties as part of the wider FESPA...
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16th December 2013
A rainy day exploring Munich turned into a hugely entertaining tour taking in the sights, sounds and considerable precipitation on an October Munich day. #fespasocial
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FESPA is a global federation of 37 national associations for the screen printing, digital printing and textile printing community. Founded in 1962, FESPA organises the leading exhibitions and conferences for this community, and reinvests profits from these activities into the global print community.
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