By Neil Felton

Dive Deeper Into Digital
Oceanologists believe that we’ve explored less than ten percent of the ocean floor, and probably only half a percent of the ocean itself.

What better metaphor for the vast opportunity that exists for the wide format printing community, thanks to the continuous progress of digital? Our new campaign for FESPA Digital 2014 uses the strapline Dive Deeper into Digital. It employs the image of a diver exploring a shimmering ocean, teeming with colourful marine life. Those brightly hued fish and corals symbolise the attractive – and at times still elusive – opportunities to take a visual communications business in new and stimulating directions.

We’ve all understood the surface potential of digital wide format printing technology, and felt the impact on our industry in the last decade. The migration to digital has been critical in enabling print service providers to respond to structural change in the supply chain, rapid evolution in the needs of the customer, escalating demand for faster turnaround of smaller jobs, and so on.

More recently, we’ve explored a little further, beginning to understand how innovations in media and inks – and in the capabilities of the print hardware – can open up new avenues for print businesses, for example in decorative applications outside signage and graphics.

But the opportunity is significantly more profound than that. As visual communications professionals, we’re at the centre of seismic changes in communication and graphic interpretation. The Internet, mobile technology and social media are driving unprecedented change in how brands and consumers interact. Consequently, the marketing and retail universe is in a state of revolution. Fashion and interior designers are demanding innovative ways to bring ideas to life faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Today, the digitally printed image has no limitations – it can be a compelling and immediate springboard into an interactive digital world, as part of an integrated multichannel marketing campaign, or within an experiential environment. And it can become an intrinsic and dynamic feature of our physical space, outdoors and in our homes and workplaces, on its own, or combined with digital technologies.
There’s still a deep ocean of opportunity for printers to discover, constrained only by the limitations of the technology and the printer's – and their client’s - own imagination.

You can explore them all at FESPA Digital in Munich from 20 to 23 May 2014.

Are you’re ready to dive deeper in 2014? Then register now.

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