Rock  LaManna

Rock LaManna

Rock LaManna provides strategic transitions as printing industry intermediary and change agent.

As a printing industry intermediary, he helps foster successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A), buyer-side and seller-side deals, and confidential buyer and seller searches. As a printing industry change agent, he provides growth and turnaround strategies, succession planning (exit strategies) and career path coaching.

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9th October 2012
Have you ever heard of a "cash trap?" It's a financial term commonly used in the investment world. You don't hear printing owners talking about it – except for the...
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26th June 2012
To Get Profitable, You Need to Get Lean If sales are slumping and profits are down, why do printing owners always look at new technologies or innovations?
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31st May 2012
If you're considering succession planning with your business, you're way ahead of the game. According to Decima Research, 39% of small business owners plan to sell...
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27th April 2012
Printing CEOs want to jump right to growth strategies without carefully analyzing the place where any hopes for growth needs to start: At the top.That's right. If you...
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20th March 2012
It goes by many names: An earn-out. A tuck-in. For the sake of this article, I'll be using the term "earn out agreement," and I'll show you how struggling companies are...
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12th March 2012
Knowledge is power. It's also the most overlooked aspect of many print owners' business development strategies.
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4th January 2012
Times are tough, no doubt about it. But are they so tough that you should choose liquidation? Here are five reasons why many printers believe the answer is yes.
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12th December 2011
Where is a crystal ball when you need one?You're wondering when it's the right time to sell your printing business, a question as time-honored as "When should I sell my...
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8th November 2011
Much has been written about the worldwide "Occupy Wall Street" movement. No one knows where these protests are headed, but it is apparent that there is some...
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23rd September 2011
The truly successful printing owner takes risks, makes mistakes, and learns from them. I'd like to point out an oversight a man I call Mr. Flexo is making, and show you...
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23rd August 2011
For investors looking to make an acquisition in the printing industry, the obvious choice appears to be wide-format digital.   Whether you're a manufacturer...

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