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Ahead of FESPA Digital 2016, we look to Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) to explore opportunities to get ahead in the print business.
The traceability of wood will be easier to manage as an ISO standard in development enters consultation period.

With less than 2 months until FESPA Mexico 2015 Mike Ryan, FESPA's Group Exhibition Manager looks ahead to the show.

Colour accuracy, consistency and appearance are becoming an increasing requirement for all areas of print. How can we manage colour in a wide format workflow?
Simon Eccles learns about screen mesh manufacture and frame stretching at Bopp UK.
Guidelines for print procurement should be included as part of every company’s environmental management policy as well as its environmental management manual.
In part two of our coverage of printing onto glass and ceramic, FESPA UK’s Peter Kiddell explores the techniques and latest technologies used to decorate them.
Daily cash prizes at the sub-Saharan round of the World Wrap Masters series of events.  Enter to win but expect to learn a few new tricks.
Mimaki is supporting exciting growth opportunities in the African region with a significant presence at FESPA Africa 2015.
We review some of the main manufacturers and exhibitors featuring at FESPA Africa 2015. 
FESPA UK's Peter Kiddell provides a run-down of inks used in glass and ceramic printing, in the first of a two part series.
“As in any business, you can start small and remain small but, if you have aspirations to grow your company you’re going to need people to do that."
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About Fespa

FESPA is a global federation of 37 national associations for the screen printing, digital printing and textile printing community. Founded in 1962, FESPA organises the leading exhibitions and conferences for this community, and reinvests profits from these activities into the global print community.
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